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When Carol adopted Chip, she lamented to the rescue group, “It’s a shame there isn’t an organization who could have helped his family pay for the care he needed so they could keep him.” Never did she expect to experience the same scenario herself. Faced with a diagnosis of cancer and a treatment protocol of bi-weekly Chemotherapy and combined with her recent job loss, now she couldn’t afford the very treatment that might save his life.

Through his journey, Carol came to learn that hundreds of thousands of pet owners across the nation are faced with the decision to end their pet’s life and suffering when the cost of life-saving treatment is outside their financial means. For these families that final decision is brutal. Carol, fresh with the pain of facing this same decision, created Brown Dog Foundation. And, just like that, families have an alternative. Brown Dog has inspired many to do good work. He will inspire you too.

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Net profits benefit the mission of Brown Dog Foundation.

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Your donations 100% benefits our mission and your giftee will receive acknowledgement of the donation made in their name.

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