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Monthly Fetch Donors

Lisa Borneo ($120)  --  Donna Duncan ($120)  --  Elizabeth Garifine ($120)  --  Angel Griffin ($240)  --  Brenda Hamburg ($240)  --  Jocelyn Mizrahi ($900)  --  Janet Herrin ($120)  --  Paul Lang ($240)  --  Nocturna Productions ($300)  --  Jason Guinn ($300)  --  Julian Santos ($60)  --  Cheryl Smith ($240)  --  Carol Smock ($6,000)

Thank you for your generosity!  To make a commitment to a monthly, recurring gift to Brown Dog Foundation, please click below:


$5/month ($60/year)

(funds one initial vet visit when a family cannot afford it)


$10/month ($120/year)

(funds pre-surgical bloodwork or xrays)


$15/month ($180/year)

(funds 2-4 months of most chronic medications necessary to keep a pet alive & healthy)


$20/month ($240/year)

(funds most minor surgeries or 6-9 month supply of most heart medications)


$25/month ($300/year)

(funds a 6-9 month supply of most chronic medications or minor surgeries)


$50/month ($600/year)

(funds cystotomy (urinary stones), TPLO/ACL surgeries, limb removal, eye enuculation) 


$75/month ($900/year)

(funds most major and emergent surgeries and some cancer treatments)


$100/month ($1,200/year)

(funds repair of limb, most short-term cancer treatments and most emergent conditions)