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TN Fund, 2012

We found Zeus at the Metro pound in 2006.  Thin, and scratched from a fight, he was far from the magnificent beast that he is today but something about him caught my eye.  He assimilated into our household quickly and effortlessly, letting our older dog Moki be the alpha despite Zeus's size and strength.  We soon found Zeus to be remarkably courteous: always letting Moki go out the door first, never knocking into us despite his playful age of (approximately)1-1/2, and never harassing the cat.   Furthermore, I've never seen a dog smile as much as Zeus.  Zeus is so beautiful, if we take him out and about on a nice spring afternoon, a line of people wanting to pet him or have their picture taken with him invariably forms.

Smith is a self employed session musician, and the 2009 world-wide financial crisis and ensuing recession hit an already beleaguered industry pretty hard.  Stephanie's work as a server in fine dining was also impacted negatively.  Just as things were beginning to turn around, Stephanie started having excruciating abdominal and back pain in the summer of 2010.  Test after test came back inconclusive while she passed day after day in incredible pain confined to bed rest.  A damaged sacroiliac joint, combined with complications from previous hernia surgery was the final diagnosis.  After almost a year and a half, she has finally returned to part time work (yay!) but the medical bills (despite her having  insurance)and lack of work have devastated us financially.  

We had just started chipping away at the mountain of debt that we accrued when Zeus began limping badly last Fall.  He was diagnosed with  a torn ACL ligament which only gets better with surgery.  Without the help of the Brown Dog foundation, we would most likely have had to euthanize a most beloved member of our family.  It's been seven weeks since his surgery and he's been hobbling around the house, his big grin on his face for the first time in a couple of months.  Thank you!