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PA - 2017

Xena joined our family in October 2014 when I was 7 months pregnant with my human daughter. At the time, we had two other dogs so Xena completed our furry family of three. In June of 2016, when Xena was a year and a half old, she started acting out of character and strange. She was lethargic and shaking. I took her to out family vet and he did some testing. He put her on a medication which seemed to help at first, but her symptoms were still there. He did more testing and finally tested her for Addison's disease. He tested for Addison's disease last because it's a rare disease. She was diagnosed with Addison's disease and at that point, we started her lifelong medication routine of Prednisone and Percorten-V. Xena requires an injection of Percorten-V every 25 days and Presnisone as needed. Xena requires electrolyte testing every 6 months and blood work every year. This disease is very costly with the vet visits, tests and medication. The Percorten-V alone is over $200 per vial. 
Due to unforeseen circumstances, I did not have the funds to take Xena to the vet in June to get the testing and a prescription for more medication. That is when I started reaching out to foundations and organizations. Brown Dog is the only foundation that gave my pet a chance. I can honestly and literally say Brown Dog saved my dog's life. Addison's disease can be fatal if left untreated. Thanks to them, I have the medication Xena requires every month. I am so thankful for their assistance throughout this process. My daughter is now two and a half years old and absolutely adores Xena. She calls Xena "Zee Zee" and would be heartbroken if anything happened to Xena. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude to people and foundations like you! 
For more information about Addison's Disease and treatment, visit PetMd.