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TN - 2010

Wagner was my sweet little cockapoo who loved everyone and everyone loved him back. He was a good-natured little guy who followed right behind Jacob, my son, and I wherever we went. About eight years ago when he was around eight years old I noticed a dark mole on his upper lip. I took him to the vet and they said they thought it was cancer.

I was struggling as a single mom and was in the midst of five rotator cuff surgeries on my right shoulder. Times were bad! I contacted Brown Dog Foundation and they stepped in to help. The foundation paid the portion of his surgery and meds that I couldn’t.

It was a melanoma, but they got it all and he made a full recovery. When Brown Dog asked me to bring him to a fundraiser I told them that he had become matted since I couldn’t afford to keep up with formal grooming. They arranged with a local Groomer to have him clipped for me. We also attended another fundraiser in 2016.

Wagner went on to live a happy life of fifteen and a half. In February of last year I decided to start a new life in Florida. Wagner was pretty much blind by then and had a bad heart murmer. In June his health plummeted and after a long night of holding him and crying, I knew it was time.

I took him to my wonderful vet here in Pensacola, Dr. Brooke Mowdy. We placed him on the exam table and he didn’t wake up. She hugged me and we both cried.

We had many wonderful years with Wag. He loved running the fields behind our Golden, Scout, and swimming in our pond with her, and chasing Jacob on his skateboard. I am so grateful to the fabulous Brown Dog Foundation for doubling Wagner’s lifespan – without their help removing the melanoma, Wagner would not have lived this long. What a great organization! Thank you! - Lori Cooper

For more information about Melanoma, visit The Veterinary Cancer Center