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National Fund, 2012

When I found Tommy I fell in love instantly. Having a fear of dogs all my life, he changed me.  Everyone that has met him, loves him instantly and comments on his funny personality.  My daughter was about 5 when he came into our life and they have a special connection and have grown up together.


Being a single working mom of a teenage girl is hard enough to get by, so when we found what appeared to be a fatty cyst on Tommy’s side had grown into a tumor that needed to be removed, there was never a question if we should.. it was how?  There were some decisions to be made if he could survive the surgery due to a heart murmur and possible failing liver.  I struggled with what to do..always knowing that I had to do whatever I could to save him.  When we got the ok from the vet that he would perform the risky surgery, now I just had to pay for it.   The Brown Dog Foundation blessed us beyond what I could have imagined.  I began searching for ways to prolong his life living with this cancerous tumor,  instead, stumbled upon this wonderful organization.

I received the call that Tommy was approved and we would be receiving a grant within a few days.. His surgery was scheduled within hours.


Surgery was extremely tough on him and the tumor was bigger and imbedded deeper than the vet thought, they had to dig deep into his rib cage to get it out and the surgery was extremely rough on him.  Tommy is recovering and that hideous, horrible tumor is out of him. Because of the Brown Dog Foundation you saved our baby's life. We could not thank you enough!

Cynde & Sarah

This grant was made possible by a generous discount from Best Friends Animal Hospital, a grant from Pedigree Foundation & funds raised by the Holiday Howler hosted by Country Music Artist, JT Hodges