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IN - 2017

Tank is our amazing 10 year old pug! He will turn 11 on February 12th. He was actually a birthday gift from my parents on my 18th birthday when he was about 8 weeks old. He has been spoiled from the first day I received him! He is somewhat of a fashion icon in our family with his many outfits for each season. He has been my 6 year old daughters best friend since the day she was born. He follows her to bed each evening and sleeps on his bed right next to hers. They have been inseparable for these last six years. 

He has always been a very healthy dog, only needing regular routine care each year. As he got older, we noticed his breath went from the cute puppy breath to this gradual worsening odor. When he had his yearly appointment they said his teeth were starting to go bad but it was just part of getting older. They gave us the quote for his surgery and said we could push it out a few months in order to pay for it. Things went down hill for us when I ended up losing my job just a couple months later. We tried securing credit from various sources but we were unable to do so. We even tried crowd funding but no one was interested in donating and we closed the fundraiser. It has been a year since his diagnosis and his teeth have gotten to the point that we cannot wait any longer due to the infection he has in his gums. He is scheduled for surgery on Nov. 17th. We are truly thankful to Brown Dog Foundation for saving our beloved family member and giving him a healthy chance for a longer life. We would be lost without him.

-The Thorn Family

For more information about Dental Disease, prevention and treatment, visit American Veterinary Dental College.