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Aledo, IL

Brown Dog Foundation is proud to announce the issuance of our first grant in the Illinois/Iowa area!

A Working Class, Single woman from Aledo IL adopted a 1-year old female dog from a local shelter at Christmas time.  "Sweetness" is her only pet.  A few months later, Sweetness began displaying signs of being terribly ill - she went to her Veterinarian, Dr. Wicks in Aledo, IL and found out that the spay surgery she'd had while still at the shelter had become infected and caused Stump Pyometra. 

Her doctor recommended exploratory laporoscopy and repair.  However, after having spent more than $600 on diagnostics and medication to relieve pain and infection, the additional $600 was out of reach.  This young woman was forced to consider euthanizing or surrending her new-found friend.  Thankfully Dr. Wicks and his staff knew about the launch of the Brown Dog Foundation Chapter in the area and helped the owner reach out to request assistance. 

The application process did take some time to complete, but after all was said and done, the Grant Review Committee voted unanimously to fund the case on April 21.  Sweetness has had her surgery and is recovering well!  Thank you to the local community for allowing us to help save Sweetness!