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National, PA - 2013


On September 28, 2006, our niece Sara found this sweet multi-colored Beagle.  He seemed to be lost – he had no collar or any type of identification.  Sara took the dog home, where she had two other dogs, to try and find the owner.  Sara and her mom spent several days calling shelters, looking on the internet, etc.  I came to visit –  one look at Stanley’s face and I knew he was coming home with me.  My husband Joe welcomed him as well.   Stanley has been with us ever since. 
Stanley is a friendly, loving and caring dog; there is not a mean bone in his body!  He takes great pleasure in eating and snacking, so much so, that his nickname is “Snackman”.  Did I mention, he’s an extraordinary watch dog as well.  As Stanley’s reclining on the sofa, he lifts his head and watches the company walk in and watches them walk out.   Stanley has never met a stranger, he welcomes everyone into our home like they have belonged here all his life.  Gentle and kind hearted, we could not have asked for a more devoted family pet (canine son).  He has brought so much joy into our lives.  We were going through a loss of another dog and Stanley helped us grieve.  We honestly believe God brought him to us.  
When Stanley came into our lives, the Veterinarian (Creature Comforts Veterinary) indicated he was about six years old, he is thirteen now.  We brought Stanley to the Vet for his yearly check-up about two years ago.  They discovered he had Cushing’s disease.  Stanley showed no signs of being sick, but thank God we keep up with his check-ups.  Stanley needs to be on medicine (Lysodrin) for the rest of his life to help control the Cushing’s disease. 
March 2013, we discovered a lump on his stomach; we took him to Creature Comforts only to find out that he needed immediate surgery to remove it.  We later discovered, after the biopsy, that it was a cancerous tumor and it may come back.  He will need further treatment, such as chemotherapy.  Presently, my husband and I are out of work and are trying to make ends meet.  With the cost of the surgery and now the chemo treatment, we didn’t know where to turn for help.  Creature Comforts referred us to the Brown Dog Foundation for assistance.  In the past, we have donated to several different animal organizations.  We immediately contacted Brown Dog Foundation and asked for help.  They walked us through the entire process and contributed towards Stanley’s Vet bills.  
We are so very thankful to the Brown Dog Foundation.  Now that we are acquainted with the Foundation, when we get back on our feet, we will be donating directly to them.  Stanley is most thankful to everyone.  We, his human parents Joe & Patty Iapichino, are most grateful to this wonderful organization too!