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National, TN - 2013

I asked Erin (Sri’s true an original owner) to let me write this letter. Sri is the very first pet I have ever owned. For some reason, my parents didn’t trust me to have a pet. It was probably for the best then, though, as I don’t think I would have been prepared for the responsibility at all at the time. I met Sri once Erin and I started dating, and, to say the least, I’ve fallen in love. So naturally, I had a tough time dealing with her injury myself. When it comes to her relationship with Erin, however, anybody can see it clearly without the need to look twice; Sri knows no other mother than Erin!

While I am to this day- and have always been- enamored by her excitement to see me or Erin walk through the door, even if we’ve only been gone for fifteen minutes, I think I truly became aware of the reason dogs are considered man’s best friend when, at a tough time in my own life. I was heavy hearted, but didn’t want Erin to know something was wrong with me. I had also managed to play it off pretty well. We were quietly watching TV when Sri, who had been all the way across the room came up to me, looked me pretty much in the eye then sat on the couch next to me, laid her paw and head on my leg and gave one of those faces that just said “Don’t worry. I am right here with you, all the way through this”, without saying a single word. It almost brought me to tears, which led to Erin finally noticing that something was wrong.

Not too long ago, however, Sri, due to what several different sources told us were some genetic issues, tore both her ACL’s.  The sights and sounds of her attempting to walk in what was visibly agonizing pain, limping about, but not being able to really take the weight off one foot, due to pain in both knees… The memory is still unpleasant. Erin was… Well, imagine a mother with an ailing child that she just can NOT help. Erin was distraught.

I wanted to help. However, I had just recently lost my job, which took half of our income away. The money-the most important part- just wasn’t there!! We were struggling to keep the bills paid, as it were. I got online to do some research. We had been informed Sri needed $3500 for surgery on both knees and we needed ALL the help we could possibly get.

In came The Brown Dog (Cue the superhero music!!). After a couple trials and failures, the whole Idea seemed a little far-fetched when I told Erin. She was on the bed with a broken down Sri. One could truly see her-Erin’s just as Sri’s-Spirit was only half there and all her joy was gone. We didn’t have anything to loose, so… we send them an email. Carol was EXTREMELY helpful. Emails were replied to in a timely manner, it was as though she knew the stress and duress we were under. On our part, in a rush to try and relieve Sri of the pain, we tried to get all the information requested as quickly as possible.

After about 2-3 weeks, we were set up with Dr. Hatcher. Throughout the process, Dr. Hatcher and his staff were extremely cordial, helpful and professional. I would recommend them to any pet owner I know. He’s certainly earned Sri’s trust, as well as ours.

The Surgery went well. There was a little bit of bruising-nothing unexpected- but that went away within a week. Her recovery has been without a hitch so far (thank God and fingers crossed). Heck, her butt Mohawk is almost unnoticeable now. I may miss that. I’ve had fun making fun of her about it. Just as important, however (if not more), the pain is gone! I take her for short walks and jogs in the mornings to strengthen the legs again, and she absolutely loves being able to jog around almost like she would have been able to normally.

 Without The Brown Dog Foundation, I honestly do NOT know where we would have turned or what we would have been able to do. The surgery was emergent, and Carol worked accordingly, and I, for one, am extremely thankful I saw their name, and we were able to find Sri the help she needed.

I will be returning to work soon, and Carol, once we do get caught back up financially, I personally cannot think of another way to adequately thank you than to donate to this wonderful cause you have going on here at The Brown Dog Foundation. Hopefully the money we’re able to donate, however minimal it may be, will help another pet owner in a position like Erin and I found ourselves in. Thank you.


Sri's treatment made possible by the generosity and kindness of those attending the Moseley-Harris Engagement/Wedding Party.