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Sophie, TN (2011)

As told by her family

We are a hard working family who lives on a modest income.  We learned about Brown Dog Foundation through our veterinary clinic... Pet Med.  We asked them to help us save our boxer, Sophie.  She had to have FHO surgery on her leg.  Unfortunately, an infection set in (called Osteomyelitis) and spread throughout her body requiring 24x7 hospital care.  Compounded by some of my own medical bills, the additional cost to treat the infection made is almost impossible for us to afford.

Her case was pre-qualified by Brown Dog Foundation, but before we were able to complete the entire application process, Sophie passed away.  Brown Dog Foundation was nice enough to help us pay the amount we were short.  She will always be remembered, and so will the generosity from the Brown Dog Foundation.






This photo was taken Easter weekend, just before she passed away.  We miss our Sophie.