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Sadie Shannon

as told by her momma

Funded in part by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Hi, I am Sadie.  Thank you for saving my life!

I was hit by an automobile November 24, 2009.  I sustained a broken femur in my left rear leg.  Because my owner was not financially able to pay to have me taken care I was in danger of having to be euthanized; however, because of a grant from the Brown Dog Foundation, I am now back to being myself.

I am Sadie's owner.  I was referred to the Brown Dog Foundation to see if I could receive some assistance to repair Sadie's leg.  They were very responsive to mine and Sadies' need and were so kind and helpful.  Their assistance was prompt and there were no hassles involved at all.  Their payment to the veterinarian was mailed directly to his office in a timely manner and the office notified me that it had been received.  I wish all my experiences could be this smooth and uneventful.

Thank you Brown Dog Foundation.

Oma and Sadie Shannon