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TN - 2015

Sachmoe is doing excellent!!! My family and I would like to thank our sponsors and the Brown Dog Foundation for BLESSING us in assisting with Sachmoe's dental surgery.  Without you all it would not have been possible. I purchased Sachmoe 6yrs ago from a breeder in Russellville Arkansas and he's basically like a 3rd child because we've had him for half of my children's lives.  My son is 13 and my daughter 10.

Sachmoe's dental surgery came at a terrible time.  I'm recently divorced, raising both children in my household.  I work, but my income alone is only a portion what it was when their father and I were married.  Shortly after the Veterinarian told me Sachmoe needed surgery, my vehicle broke down resulting in my having to rent a car while the body shop took several weeks to repair it.  I was making the car payment, paying for a rental and paying for the repairs with no help.   

Again thank you all so much, for your tremendous act of kindness. You are truly Angels in our hearts!!!  We love him so dearly could never imagine life without him.