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TN - 2016

I learned so much from The Brown Dog Foundation when I sought their assistance. First, I learned going through hard times and asking for help doesn't have to be embarrassing. Second, that there really are compassionate, caring people still out there.

Ruby was vomiting and urinating blood, even some blood clots which led me to believe she likely had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). I work hard, but have been unemployed for a few months. In fact, I just moved to TN from out of state to take a job in the postal service. But, because of the move, I had absolutely not money to cover the cost of an office visit AND buy medication for her. 

Brown Dog eased my mind and my worries instantly by being so understanding. They stayed in touch throughout the easy process, to check in on my sweet girl, Ruby. I saw that they really cares about the people and pets they helps.

Thank you to the entire Brown Dog Foundation!

God Bless You!!

- Erin and Ruby


For more information about Urinary Tract Infections, please visit