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Roxy, NJ

National Fund, 2013

Roxy is an 8 year old Westie, my sister-in-law got her from a women who rescued her from an abandoned pet store, for my father-in-law to keep him company, after the loss of his wife. They instantly became inseparable, he took her everywhere, what a pair they made. Later when he became ill and spent a lot of time resting in a recliner, she never left his side,she would lay at the end of the recliner between his feet for a long as he stayed there. She was truly a wonderful companion and friend in his last years. 

Angela and I "inherited" Roxy when Carmelo passed away in 2008 and now she is in charge of our household, yes she pretty much runs the show. She was diagnosed with a tumor on 3/7 and if the diagnosis wasn't bad enough we knew we could not afford the surgery. That is when I started to search for assistance and found the Brown Dog Foundation, I contacted many and due to a decline in donations many could not offer any help. Roxy had her surgery yesterday 3/19 and is doing great Dr. MI-An Raicer from Basicare Vet Clinic did a great job, and Roxy's future is bright. None of this would have been possible without the assistance from Brown Dog Foundation. For this we are eternally grateful. THANK YOU!!!!!!



Roxy's care was made possible thru donations gathered by The Murphy Fund.