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Roger, TN

As told by his human momma

My name is Milly and I'm 21 years old, my boyfriend Adam and I found Roger, our dog, in March of 2010. The very first time I saw him he was jetting down my street with a long lead from a zip line attached to him on a choke collar that was fastened with a thick piece of wire from a fence that was dug in his neck. He was all skin and bones basically, and extremely timid when it came to men. I, of course, had no problem getting him to come to me. We figured he would go home eventually, but after 5 days of him sleeping on my and my neighbors porch we realized that wasn't going to happen. Adam ended up giving him a bath and a haircut and the dog was ours. He has turned out to be one of the very smartest dogs I have ever dealt with, smartest AND sweetest.    

On the 28th of December, however, he was severely injured. Adam let him outside along with his family dog,Baby, and when he returned he had what looked like puncture wounds all over his paws and his back left leg was clearly and visibly broken. He has  huge back yard with woods and a creek, but on the other side of the creek is an apartment complex separated by a fence. The only thing we can figure happened is he got through the fence somehow and got hit in the apartment complex. After dealing with Value Vet and their $350 bill it was determined he needed surgery. We were lucky enough to find a specialist who could perform the surgery on New Years Eve. He had rods and screws put in to replace the bone because it was so badly shattered. He seems to be taking to the procedure very well, although it's a challenge to keep such a rambunctious dog calm. Adam and I are a young couple and the bills all together come up to $2600. Now i realize what my mom meant when she said there's no such thing as a free dog. We knew there was absolutely no way we could pay such a huge bill all at once and had no idea what we were going to do. The vet technician at Value Vet saw that i was clearly upset at the costs and recommended the Brown Dog Foundation. Naturally i jumped right at the opportunity.

Fortunately Brown Dog was able to donate an unexpected $750, which blew our mind! They have really helped more than we imagined and we are so happy that our Roger dog is doing so much better. Brown Dog Foundation has never met me or my boyfriend or our sweet dog, yet they had the patience of a saint and really cared about helping us and the well-being of our dog, and for that we are truly grateful!


Funding for this case made possible with a grant from

PUPdate! August 19, 2018

Roger is still doing great! And, he's become an avid Titan's Fan!