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As told by a friend of the family - Flood Relief Fund


In May 2010, Susan and her husband were on a long awaited and much deserved vacation when the rains started.  They had left their home and 11 year-old canine mix Rocker in the capable hands of Linda, a long-time friend.   

With the water fast rising around Susan’s home, Linda was keeping an eye on the conditions.  But suddenly, they were surrounded by flood waters.  Rescuers arrived by boat to evacuate the home’s human occupants.  But Linda was adamant; she was not leaving without the dog.  She knew that Susan cared about her home but LOVED her dog. 

Now Rocker is a “big bit of bluster” who likes to intimidate strangers.  At 70 + pounds, the men were not  thrilled, but agreed.  Then the fun began.  As Linda explained to him – “NOT NOW ROCKER!” 

Terrified of water, Rocker did not want to get into the boat.  Pulling on one end and pushing on the other, they managed to get him into the boat.  Rocker then decided that this was a pretty cool adventure, riding calmly between Linda’s legs.  But he was then even more obstinate about getting out of the boat at the other end!

During these months of hardship, the Brown Dog Foundation did what they could by providing essential medications for Rocker.  Happy to report that with help from friends old and new, Susan’s home and life were put back in order and the only thing that really mattered through it all was that Linda and Rocker were both OK.