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Pugsley Jane

VA - 2020

Pugsley Jane was orphaned when she was 3 weeks old after her mother was run over by a vehicle on the street where I live. The first time I laid eyes on her I knew I had to help her. I knew if I didn't take her and raise her, she would most likely die. Pugsley Jane was very tiny and covered in fleas. I immediately took her home with me and began to care for her. That day was 5 years ago (2015) and the bond between Pugsley Jane and I has only grown and gotten stronger.  She is not only my dog, she is my child.  Pugsley Jane received the bladder surgery at Clinch Mountain Veterinary Services she very much needed, everything went very well with her, and I was able to take her home the next day to begin her recovery. 

Thank you to Brown Dog Foundation; they helped me afford an emergency bladder surgery for Pugsley.  Without them I do not know what I would have done. My baby wouldn’t have made it without their help.  I appreciate everything that this organization does!  

Pugsley Jane Enjoying a Car Ride

Pugsley Jane DancingPugsley Jane Enjoying a Treat