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Approval Process

**  Critical Note:  Brown Dog Foundation does not currently offer approvals by phone.  If the animal's life is in immediate danger, you, as the licensed professional, must decide how to proceed.  The fact that you provide treatment does not automatically generate an approval from Brown Dog.   

**  New Policy, effective January 1, 2014:  Incomplete requests will be automatically denied.  Specifically if any piece of required information is left blank, we will not be able to assist (this includes, but is not limited to the clinic's email, accurate income details, cost of treatment, etc).  All fields are required on this Request Form.  The most common omission is the clinic's email address.  We have come to understand that in order to get an email address for most clinic's you will likely need to explain to them that you are applying for assistance and it's our only method of communication at this time.

The typical process takes anywhere from 2-5 business days, depending upon the requirements of treatment and, most importantly, the cooperation of the pet owner and doctor. 

The Brown Dog Process:

STEP 1:  The family completes our "apply for assistance" survey online.  Some answers will generate an Auto-Denial Email that is delivered to the family's email account immediately.  For those that require review by our Case Manager(s), a response will be emailed to the pet owner within 12 hours.

STEP 2:  If the family pre-qualifies for assistance, the second step is for the family to complete our online Application for Assistance which requires documentation to be compiled and submitted for review against our guidelines.  The case manager will either Qualify the Case or Deny the Case at this point.  An email is generated to the pet owner within 12 hours receipt of the application.

STEP 3:  If the case qualifies for assistance, a Case Manager will contact the Veterinary Clinic by email requesting additional information.  It is important for the Veterinarian to read the accompanying letter and complete the Veterinary Form entirely.

Veterinarians who proceed with treatment are doing so at their own risk. 
Requesting information from you does NOT automatically generate an "approval". 

STEP 4:  Once we have the family's information and the  Veterinarian's information, our Case Manager will review all documentation against the Guidelines approved and set forth by the National Board of Directors.

STEP 5:  A Letter of Commitment or Letter of Denial is generated on Brown Dog's letterhead, signed by our Board President and delivered via email to the pet owner and Veterinarian. 


We will do our best to work with you through crisis situations.  However, Brown Dog Foundation is not fully-funded, nor are we staffed full-time.  It is important that you are comfortable with the fact that not all families meet our criteria and while, a family may pass our Pre-Qualification Screen they may not pass the full Application Screen.   There are many reasons that may lead to a denial.  When we have more cases than we can afford to fund presented at one time, we are forced to review each family's entire application and compare to one another to make our decision. 

Several general practice clinics and specialty clinics have signed up at Brown Dog PAWtners - they are providing services at a significant discount to our organization.  It is possible that the pet owner may be referred to a PAWtner Veterinarian for treatment.  These doctors will NOT attempt to "steal" the patient away from the family's existing Veterinarian.  It's simply a means for us to control our expenses and provide the best possible service to the family.  In all scenarios, we seek alternative and lower cost treatment options that yield a good quality of life for the pet.  Non life-threatening services (ACL repair, luxating patella repair, etc) will always be referred to an experienced PAWtner Surgeon or Holistic DVM rather than a specialist.