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EVERY FIELD MUST BE COMPLETED. If the field asks for a number, enter numbers only.  Do not use special characters, do not leave it blank and do not enter a range.  Failure to answer all questions will likely generate an Auto-Denial.  At best, it will cause a delay in our ability to consider your request.  Provided you have completed the entire form, a Grant Review Manager will review your request for assistance and respond within 12 hours.  

Please check your email account several times each day until you receive a final answer from us. We will either prequalify your case to continue through the application process or we will send you a denial notice. After you receive an Auto-Denial, we may provide additional guidance if we have other recommendations.

There are several factors that are taken into account when determining whether or not a case can be funded, including but not limited to the amount of available funds for distribution at the time of application.  Our program is still very small compared the need that exists.

This is Step 1 of a 5 Step Process
Please refer to the Approval Process page for details

*** If you believe that your pet's life is in immediate danger, you should apply here, but seek immediate assistance from a licensed Veterinarian. We will consider assisting in cases where treatment (not payment) has already begun or occurred IF the pet's life was truly at risk, provided you complete this questionnaire within 7 days of the onset of the injury/illness. 

We are an organization dedicated to helping families who find themselves in a temporary financial crisis at the same time their pet requires life-saving treatment or life-sustaining medications.  We are designed as a one-time benefit.  We are committed to ensuring we help maintain and strengthen the bond between pets and their families during times of unexpected financial crisis.  As a result, if your application is approved and funded,  we will require very detailed information and long-term commitments. Following is a list of the minimum documentation you are required to provide during the Application phase:

Proof of Income (IRS Tax Return Form 1040s + Recent Paycheck Stubs for all working adults in the household where the pet resides)

AND proof of the hardship you claim (if your income exceeds 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

OR a Social Security Statement for the pet-owner

AND proof that you own the animal need which can be determined with Adoption/Purchase Papers, Vet Records and/or Rabies Certificates for two consecutive "terms"

We are a US non-profit only. Requests from outside the United States will be automatically denied. Our finances change daily. We are actively fundraising nationwide, however, we are a volunteer program. If we do not take in donations, we cannot offer assistance.

If your request does not meet our Standard Guidelines or if we do not have sufficient funds available to "bridge the gap," you will receive an immediate and automated denial email.  Our guidelines are based on three sets of criteria - our Responsible Pet Owner Standards, the pet's crisis and your household financials.  As a result, we need you to answer every question honestly and completely.  Please do not elaborate within the fields for specific questions.  Use the Description area to provide any additional information you wish.

Please acknowledge you've read and understand this page by selecting "Continue." If you wish not to proceed with requesting assistance, please select "Cancel."