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   STEP 1 of 5:  Request for Assistance

Brown Dog Foundation is a very small organization that receives more than 4,000 requests for assistance each year.  Unfortunately, we say "no" much more frequently than we can say "yes".  Because of the high volume of requests, our resources are allocated first to those pets whose life is in danger.  We encourage you to apply as, in addition to giving cash, we also offer guidance and referral to lower cost alternatives.

Brown Dog does not "just pay bills," we work with the Clinic and the Family to find the best, most affordable path to saving the pet.Proceeding to apply indicates that you understand and accept that we do not gift "some amount, any amount that we can." We bridge the gap. If we cannot bridge the gap, we are not going to donate.

Why do we *not* donate "any amount to help?" Because giving a few hundred dollars does nothing to help you get the care your pet needs, when you need thousands. Therefore, it is money better donated to a family who only needs a few hundred dollars to save their pet.

If you do not understand and/or accept this - please do not apply. Sending us ugly emails laced with profanity will not change our policy.  

It is also important to NOTE: Some clinics will tell you that Brown Dog will reimburse you for "paid invoices."  Brown Dog does *not* consider reimbursement situations of any kind. If you have already paid your Veterinarian for services, please seek other arrangements for assistance.

We specifically do *not* work with Blue Pearl Veterinary Services any longer. If your pet was seen by Blue Pearl Veterinary Services, we encourage you to request that their non-profit, Frankie's Friends, help you.

**  Incomplete requests will be automatically denied.  Specifically if any piece of required information is left blank, we will not be able to assist (this includes, but is not limited to the clinic's email, accurate income details, cost of treatment, etc).  All fields are required on the Request Form.  

The most common omission is the clinic's email address.  We have come to understand that in order to get an email address for most clinic's you will likely need to explain to them that you are applying for assistance and it's our only method of communication at this time. 

Additionally, if you do not have and provide contact information for a regular veterinarian, it is highly unlikely we will be in a position to assist you at this time.  Highest priority is given to those families who have a regular doctor.

Please indicate you've read this entirely by choosing "Continue."  If you do not wish to proceed based on what you've read, please select "Cancel" and you will be returned to our home page.