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TN - 2015

Pippo is a 13 year old black and tan, pretty and sweet Dachshund.  He has been my companion, my baby my true love during all this years. 

Unfortunately back in November 2015 he was really sick, but I could not take him to the Vets office due to financial hardship.  I was laid off from my job at the end of October, and though I'd applied for many different jobs, I have been unable to find work. Finally in December 2015 I was able to scrape together the money to have him examined by the Vet.  He was very skinny, due to his daily vomiting and lack of appetite. His doctor asked me to do some x-rays and urinalysis. The cost was reaching the $700.00 amount that for obvious reasons I could not afford.  PetMed recommend we contact The Brown Foundation and see if they were able to assist us financially.

Well I took her advice and applied, and very quickly Brown Dog contacted us.  They followed up with more details from Pippo's Veterinarian and three days later they examined him and found that he had pancreatitis and a bad bladder infection, besides the kidney stones he already had and waiting for a future surgery Thanks to Brown Foundation he got medicine and today he is happier, and has returned to his regular weight.


A happy Doggie's Mom

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