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TN Fund, 2012

We found PeeWee in Nashville Tn, a little over a year ago. We believe he spent the first part of his life being mistreated and abused. He had lost most of his hair and weighed around 20lbs. We think he was close to death. We decided that we wanted to save this poor baby from the life of the streets and give him a warm loving home. Now, after a lot of tender, loving care, PeeWee is pushing 60 lbs and has a beautiful shiny brindle coat. 

When we took him to the vet to get his vaccines, they had mentioned to us that his knees felt like they had some issues, but without x-rays, we wouldn't know for sure. At that time we could not afford the costs, we decided to manage his exercise and pain by scripts his vet ordered for him. For a time, the medications seem to work, but he took off after a cat (his weakness) and chased it up a tree. While he was at the base of the tree jumping up, is when I think his injuries first occurred because after that he was limping. We took our tax refund and had his x-rays done where we found out that he had luxating patellas and torn cruciates. His right knee was the worst, so they started on that one first. We wanted to minimize the downtime PeeWee was about to have and had requested both knees be done at the same time, but Dr. Hatcher let us know that his left knee was in the same condition of his right and suggested that we wait. We were nervous about having the funds to pay for his left knee and that is when we heard about your foundation. We are so thankful for people like you and what your foundation does for people who love their pets. PeeWee has magic legs, thanks to The Brown Dog Foundation and his vet team at Premier VetCare! Thank you so much for helping us make our baby's knees better.