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FL - 2019

Peanut was a baby kitten that my wife found inside of a box. My wife is a animal lover, so she took him in and gave him a home. Peanut has been our baby ever since.

Recently, my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor so she is no longer able to work. Peanut was not feeling well and would not eat or drink. We took him to a local vet that told us that peanut had a blockage in his intestine. If he did not get treatment immediately he would die, so I was prepared to use our rent money to save him.

I ended up researching to see if there was any financial help since my wife could not work and we did not have much money. I found Brown Dog Foundation. I applied for a grant and we were approved. If it wasn’t for the Brown Dog Foundation our baby would have died. We are blessed to have found them and are forever thankful.