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TN Fund, 2012

Almost two years ago, I was laid off from my job. While I could have searched out another one, I decided it was the push I needed to go back to school and get my teacher certification. After applying to Tennessee Tech, I took out enough in student loans each semester to cover expenses. I was in the beginning of my last semester student teaching at a high school, when I came home one afternoon to find Olive unable to move.


We went to Copeland Veterinary Hospital, and they told us she had lymphoma. There were a couple of treatment options, but only chemotherapy would extend her life and give her a life worth living, and at only 5 years old, I knew Olive wasn't ready to give up. I opened a credit card, but the costs added up quickly, and in desperation I searched on the internet one night for assistance, and came across the Brown Dog Foundation. I couldn't believe they were only right down the street in Nashville, even!

I applied, and quickly received responses, and between the help of everyone at Brown Dog and the communication from the vets Copeland, we received enough money for Olive to complete chemo. It certainly hasn't been easy, but just a couple of months into treatment, she is almost a completely different dog. I think she understands, as I do, that she has been given another chance at life, and for that we are both grateful.