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Be Kind. Whenever Possible. It’s always possible. Dahlia Llama

Nick Ritchie was a friend of Brown Dog Foundation since the summer of 2009. He attended events, he volunteered his time, he helped with event planning and execution, he donated as well as raised funds - because he believed in our mission and wanted everyone to have the ability to save their pet.

Nick was a personal friend and confidante to our Founder, Carol. He was raised in Richmond VA, but made Nashville TN his home for more than 20 years. Nick never made an enemy. He loved animals and nature, music and songwriting. He was as much a fan of people as he was of animals.

His dog, Gracie (pictured above), was the light of his life. He was devastated by her unexpected passing on May 1, 2019. Nick passed away unexpectedly on May 18, 2020. His light and supportive, protective nature will be missed by all who knew him. This page serves as a memorial to both Nick and Gracie.

To contribute in Nick and Gracie's memories, please click.

Donors Include: Renee Penix, Roxanne Witt, Brian Greenfield, Tony Schaetzke-Wood, Michelle Mazzara, Michelle Taylor, Jessica Mathis, Carol Smock, Sheila Ramsey, Kristin Chew, Kelley Allison, Becky Hudson, Heather Leise, Suzanne Cannon, Kathy Smith, Mindy McVay, Nonie Machunze, Edwin Jones

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