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as told by her momma, Mary Cole
Plattekill, NY

I had just lost my 11-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer.  I was only supposed to go "look" at this puppy.  But seeing her living conditions as well as her physical un-well-being, there was no way I wasn't bringing home this funny looking little mutt-puppy, right then and there!  She was Mystical Kismet - Magical Fate!  I couldn't save my Shorthair, but I could save HER!

Her ear was half torn off and it's my Veterinarian's opinion that she'd been severely beaten; hit in the head hard enough to blind her in one eye.  With all the time and love in the world we had to give her she blossomed into the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever encountered. 

Five years ago, at the age of 3 1/2, she was diagnosed with Addisons Disease.  Though living on fixed Social Security Retirement and Disability incomes, my husband and I decided that for as long as we could, we would provide Mystic with the life-saving monthly DOCP shot (Percorten V).  She was truly "Daddy's" girl.  Which made for a heart-wrenching decision when he died suddenly in January, 2010.  my financial stability was in an uproar, Mystic's meds are crazy expensive and I was faced with the possibility of having to put down or surrender my husband's dog -- who, but for the Addisons, was a healthy and happy member of what's left of my family.

By chance, I found Brown Dog Foundation.  Through their generosity, both Mystic and I have been given a second chance.  By assisting with the cost of Mystic's meds I've been given the time I need to get back on my own financial feet and will be able to keep Mystic on her paws, as well.  I thank you Brown Dog Foundation, from the very heart of my soul!!!