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Murphy Lee

National, IA - 2013/2014

I rescued Murphy on August 13 2012 and the Shelter said he was about 6. When I brought him home he stood in the kitchen and looked in the front room and then he took off running and jumped on the couch, he sat there and looked at me as if to say "I’m home". For being a Beagle he did not bark and was very polite. He loved going for walks and going to the dog park and meeting other dogs. He loved sitting on the couch and getting love as well as having his back and his belly rubbed.  If you stopped he would put his paw on you to get more. He liked going for car rides and going to car shows. He loved to swim and even enjoyed going outside in winter to roll around in the snow.

When we took him to the vet last fall, because he was not feeling good, they X-rayed him and told us he was filling with fluid - we explored cancer, but all tests came back inconclusive.  Rather than continue to put him through a battery of tests, we opted to keep him comfortable until the day would come to let him go.  Interestingly, the X-ray also showed that he had been shot 3 times with BB’s or pellets...  they were not sure what exactly. Before I got him he was abused as well. In the short time I had him he had a good life. He hunted Easter eggs and had birthday parties and Christmas presents to open. Murphy was a very mellow dog. He had two Thanksgivings and Christmases with us. He had so much to love to give and we had so much love to give him. He was a go lucky happy dog. Murphy was number six in the Beagle family for me and when the time is right I will have another one.

I found Murphy when I needed to and he found me as well. I can’t say enough about Murphy, he was a rare beagle indeed he was happy right up to the end of his life. Murphy died on New Year’s Day and I was with him till the end. He was my baby and one of the kids.  I want to thank the Brown Dog Foundation for all they did for Murphy and me. It is nice to know there are places out there to help those in need. Murphy and I are very grateful for everything you have done for us.

Thanks, Iona and Murphy Lee

Murphy's treatment was made possible through the generosity and kindness of the friends and family honoring Shorty & Heyroad.