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TN Fund, 2012

We rescued Muddy from a Veterinarian's office in Maryville in 2007. Our 4 year old at the time renamed her Muddy. Muddy has always been a calm, loving dog.  She has had several seizures, but has always been okay. Last summer we noticed a small lump around her mouth. Due to financial reasons we could not take her to the vet. The lump continued to grow, we started getting very worried. Muddy did not show any signs of the lump being painful she just likes to scratch it up against the cement outside. We worried how we were going to take care of this for Muddy.  We almost let my son's grandfather take the dogs on his Thanksgiving visit with us just because we could not afford having dogs anymore, but our son said "grumpy grandpa can't take our dogs they're mine" so that broke our hearts. So we asked around, but no one knew who or how we could get help. So I called the Humane Society they gave me the Brown Dog Foundation link. That day we applied for help with Brown Dog Foundation they were very kind throughout the whole process. We are so thankful for their generosity. Because of Brown Dog Foundation Muddy will have a chance for a longer life to share with our family.  

Thank You So Much!
Muddy and Family
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