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MI - 2015

Our hearts will always continue on to rescue a dog when we lose one - we can't imagine life without helping a rescue dog - we can't imagine life without having dogs in our lives! Even though it breaks all our hearts when we lose our loved furry family member and another rescue never replaces the loss of a loved furry family dog it IS able to fill our hearts with LOVE and we always have room for a couple of dogs...  which is what happened when we lost Freya to a softball sized tumor a couple of years ago.

When Freya died, our dog Zen lost her best friend too and we were just all lost and heartbroken.  A very short time after Freya passed over the Rainbow Bridge we felt the need to go to the local shelter where 11 dogs were waiting to find their forever home.  We don't know who found who but we fell in Love with MOKA as much as she loves us! We did pray to God that we couldn't handle another seizure dog again and God gave us MOKA who did end up having seizures.


Apparently, God knew we loved her so much that we could and would handle it! I thank God we found each other! She is the sweetest, most loving & lovable bedhog. Just a goofy & spoiled dog who makes an impression on our life every single day and she is our responsibility.  We are determined to keep her healthy and give her a good life - she loves us and we love her to the ends of the Earth. She doesn't deserve to have seizures but we love MOKAdog to no end and she does deserves a good life.  She has all of our hearts so we'll do anything to give her the best life while she's here on this sweet earth with us.  We never want anything bad to happen to her and of course we wish she didn't have these seizures! 

It has been the most difficult year & half with my husband and I in and out of work.  We live in a small town where job opportunities are few and far between, not to mention payscales are very low. Even when we're both working full-time, it's hard to make ends meet - especially if something goes wrong!  My husband and I have been married over 21 years! We have an amazing daughter who is 7 1/2, who lifts our spirits daily and LOVES animals.  She is the absolute world to us, along with MOKAdog & our Grandma Dog, Zen. We are so blessed thru thick and thin that we have one another...  In our hardship we began looking for grants to help MOKA and our family. 

We are only pulling thru because of Brown Dog!  I absolutely cried my eyes out when we were accepted because I cannot imagine life without this furry family member who has our hearts forever! Even though we're staying positive and are hopeful for a job here in our super-tiny town with few jobs available, we are still struggling every day and the Brown Dog Grant has helped us help with the best gift we could ever have. Our family sends the biggest THANK YOU TO BROWN DOG!  We love you for helping us give this special loved seizure dog hope and help.  You mean the world to us.  We're doing our best to get back on our feet thru these tough times.  We're extremely grateful to YOU every day! XOXO!