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(treatment sponsored by Pet-Tao)

My name is Mojo.  I was six-months old when I swallowed a marble that lodged itself in my intestines.  My mom has a terrible auto-immune disease that keeps her from working.  As a result my family relies on just one modest income.  The cost for surgery to remove the blockage was going to be more than $1,100.  Mom contacted Brown Dog Foundation and they were able to send us to one of their PAWtner Veterinarians for surgery.   Dr. Marc from Natchez Trace Veterinary Services did the surgery that weekend and my mom only had to pay $200.  Brown Dog and Dr. Marc took care of the balance!

I would surely have died without that surgery.  And, while I hadn't lived with my family for very long, the kids had gotten attached to me and my mom just couldn't bear the thought of letting me die.  We're very thankful for Brown Dog Foundation's help.