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I was fortunate enough to meet Moby's Mommy at Brown Dog Foundation's 2nd Annual Wine Dinner. Her name is Julie and over the years we've become close friends. I visited Moby every weekday from 2007 to 2013 to take him for his midday potty-walk while Julie worked. I would give him puppy massage some days. Other days we would walk down the street and at the end he would hop into my arms and I'd carry him home. Moby campaigned for Top Dog in 2009 and won Runner Up! He donated wine to our Cabernet Day contest. He was a constant source of light and love for me in the early days of the Foundation. 

Julie let me know in early April, during a PR trip to Nashville, that Mo was struggling with back pain more and that his kidneys were failing. I'm so thankful I was able to spend that final weekend with him, especially because we all celebrated my 50th Birthday together. Moby was nearly 17 and a half years old when he passed away on April 24, 2019. He drifted off to sleep gently in the arms of his doting and loving mommy. I know losing him has been as hard on Julie as losing my boys has been on me. There was no dog who loved his mommy more, and there was no girl who loved a dog like Julie loved The Mo. 

Julie and her partner, John, decided to make a gift in Moby's name this year - to help save the lives of other family pets that mean so much to their families. The images below are of pets who will live long, happy lives in Moby's spirit.