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AZ - 2015

I have always wanted a boxer and I found Misty six years ago on Craigslist. She isn’t a full breed boxer but she was close enough for me.  Her owner at the time was just fostering her as she found her on a busy overpass in Glendale, Az. She couldn’t keep Misty so my parents and I drove to Glendale to see her. She was pretty scared at first but she was just a sweetheart. She is a mother to everything she finds and has been such a joy to have around.

She has a tumor on her side that Brown Dog Foundation has so graciously agreed to help pay for the removal of. I have been unemployed due to getting injured on the job. I didn’t know how I was going to get help for Misty until I came across the Brown Dog Foundation’s website. After reading about all the family’s and pets that got help, I decided to contact them. They were very quick in their response and have been so helpful throughout the process. This will give Misty and I many more happy years together.


Misty's surgery was made possible through the generous donations of Arizonans attending a Cocktail Reception at Vintage 95 in Chandler AZ.