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Miss Kitty

TN - 2016

Hello my name is Betty Phillips and I am 82 years old. I am the proud owner of Miss Kitty. She is very special to me yet she just doesn’t love many people. But, she loves me and my son. She has been in my life for 11 years. She has never been very playful or loving with anyone but me and my son and there’s not much love or playing with us.

She loves to sit in front of the window on my desk in the living room. She just looks out for hours. The blinds have seen better days.

Miss Kitty started getting sick about a year or so ago. She was throwing up, sometimes every day. I was very concerned but I live on social security and had no money available to take her to the vet. I was so happy when my niece found Brown Dog Foundation and they offered to help. The vet never really pin pointed anything specific except her abdomen was not showing up clear in the x-ray.

They informed us to change her food and see what happens. We immediately changed to what the vet recommended.

She currently still eats the same cat food and occasionally throws up but we now think its hair balls or allergies because she appears to be fine otherwise.

I want to thank all the people that donate to the Brown Dog Foundation because without you I would have not been able to help Miss Kitty.

For more information about Food Allergies and treatment options, visit The Whole Pet Diet.