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National, MI - 2014

I am so happy and relieved that The Brown Dog Foundation is helping Millie with her hypothyroid disease.  I was able to make an appointment yesterday, and the vet is seeing her on July 11th.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to get my dog back on her medicine!  I have been really worried for her for a long time.  But since I was unable to pay for her treatment I felt hopeless.  That was until I found your organization.  Because of you, Millie is getting life saving treatment.  I shared The Brown Dog Foundation on Facebook with my friends and told them that you were helping Millie.

Millie came to me in 2007, when she was 5 years old.  My neighbor owned her, but was moving away and couldn't take her with them.  She asked us if we would want to keep her, and we accepted her into our home and life.  I was really thankful that I did, she has been a great companion and member of the family ever since.  In that same year, 2007, my 14 year old Beagle Lady had to be put to sleep because of a bad hip injury.  Lady had heart disease and because of her age she was unable to have an operation.  Millie came to us 6 months prior to Lady dying.  So Millie was there with me as I shed tears for my old pal Lady.  In 2009 I noticed Millie was getting a couple of bald patches on her flanks and took her to the vet to see what it was.  As it turned out she had hypothyroidism and needed daily medicine.  At the time I was working and was able to pay for her vet visits, blood work and medicine.  
Then in 2012 I was injured on the job and became disabled.  I lost my job and career, and it was the beginning of my financial troubles that continue to this day.  I am currently appealing a social security/disability denial and have had to hire an attorney to fight the denial.  Because of this Millie has not been receiving her medication.  I just didn't have the money for her vet bills.  The medicine itself isn't expensive, but the required yearly blood work is.  Because of The Brown Dog Foundation, Millie will soon be receiving her much needed blood work and she will go back on her medication.  I appreciate your organization so very much!
Millie now shares her home with me, an English Springer Spaniel (a rescue dog) named Bailey, and a cat named Dusty (who I adopted from the local Humane Society).  I don't know what I would ever do without my animal children!  My adult children have grown and moved away, but my animals are here to keep me company.  I love them as children.  They are my family!
Thank you again for all of your help with Millie!