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MA - 2016

Mia came to our home in June of 2007! She was a birthday present for Shannon from Lori. She really was the "cutest baby ever"! We called her our little squirrel hunter, bouncy little bunny dog! Picture perfect in every way! She went to work with Shannon for about 3 years on an Army base. She was their mascot! The soldiers just melted over her.
In March of 2015 Mia started acting unusual. She started "goose stepping" and we rushed her to the vet right away. We had all the tests done under the sun to try and help her feel better. Turned out she had Meningitis/Encephilitis. Swelling on her little brain and on her spinal cord. We did everything that needed to be done. She started with prednisone and it helped but she had gained quite a bit of weight for her little size.
When she finally was able to come off the prednisone, she had developed diabetes. She was great for about 7 months and then she had her first seizure. What an awful thing to witness. There was nothing we could do for our little girl. Her neurologist suggested a form of chemotherapy to "flush" our her system of the bad cells and rebuild. Once we did that she was better for a couple months and required 3 more after that.
She is now coming up on her 2nd of the 3 treatments the Neurologist suggested. We've spent a lot of money in the past year getting her to this point, despite the fact that we've also experienced a sizable reduction in our household income.  Thankfully we heard of your foundation for some assistance. We can not even begin to express how very, very grateful we are for your generosity. She is our little girl and would do anything we can to make her better. She is our heart.
Thank you so much for everything you do for pets and their owners to keep their family together.
I have attached a few pictures of our little girl Mia so you can put a face to her name. She is the greatest gift we have ever received.