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(treatment sponsored by Pet-Tao Holistic Pet Food)

My name is Lucy.  I am seven years old and a pretty sweet Golden Retriever.  My mom is really good me.  She keeps me healthy and loves me very much.  A few months ago, I began limping and stopped putting any weight on my back leg.  Mom had lost her job earlier in the year, so I tried to hide how much pain I was in.  But, eventually, she began to notice and gave me aspirin...  it helped, but not enough.

Mom contacted Brown Dog Foundation after reading their story in the newspaper.  Brown Dog sent us to one of their PAWtner Veterinarians, Dr. Marc Smith at Natchez Trace Veterinary Services.  He was so nice to us!  He said that sometimes, with the degenerative knee disease I have, that a specialty surgeon would recommend surgery that would cost my mom several thousand dollars ($3-$4,000 to be exact).  Instead, he recommended an alternative treatment called prolotherapy, at about 20% of the cost!

Mom still needed help paying for it and Brown Dog Foundation was incredibly generous!  I've had five treatments and am walking, hopping and running much more.  I'm excited to eat the fresh vegetables that mom gives me these days.  Don't tell her because she thinks she was able to hide it from me...  but, I know she was having to consider putting me to sleep because she didn't have the money to help me.  I'm glad that I didn't have to leave my mom - she needs me right now.  She hasn't been able to find a new job yet and she's really sad about that. 

Last week, mom and I went to a Brown Dog Fundraiser and told people there our story.  We are very grateful for the help Brown Dog gave us and for the work Dr. Smith does.  He's really good to me and mom.