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Little Bit

NC - 2015

Little Bit was given to me seven years ago as a gift from an old friend.  She was my first pet after my divorce and has been my companion through my own battle with cancer and my father's passing.  She is the best present I have ever received.  I also have a six year old Min Pin, named Chloe.
Little Bit loves to fetch, even though she won't always return the toy and she has her own little spot on my bed where she likes to sleep. Her and Chloe are my only family. I love them so much!
I'm a full-time college student and part-time employee.  My income has been quite modest while I strive to earn a degree so I can provide a better life for me and my pets.  Due to limited income, I hadn't been able to get Little Bit's teeth cleaned since adopting her. It's resulted in severe infections causing the inability to chew her food and several of her teeth were falling out.  The cost was only a few hundred dollars, but it may as well have been $10,000.  I searched the internet for organizations to help me get her the treatment she needed.  
Thanks to Brown Dog Foundation and two other similar organizations, we were able to get Little Bit the help she needed and she's a much happier, perkier dog today! 
The photos below are me with Little Bit, Little Bit after a groom and Little Bit with my father just before he passed away - my dad loved Little Bit almost as much as he loved me!