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Little Bear

Tennessee Fund, 2012

Little Bear came to live with me in January of 2000. A friend of a friend had mentioned that there was a litter of puppies that they were not able to find good homes and were going to be dropped off at the Humane Society. I had just moved her and was in need of a good companion so I went to take a look at the puppies. They were all so adorable but this sweet special girl stole my heart. She was the runt of the litter and looked like a little baby bear cub, hence the name Little Bear. She is most often referred to as Baby Girl and truly IS my baby girl. She is the most loyal and lovable best friend one could ask for!

She became very ill in May this year and I almost lost her. I know eventually the day will come when she is no longer by my side but I'm not ready to face that day just yet. After a week in the hospital and many medications later, she was finally back home. Anybody who owns a pet knows that vet bills can bankrupt you! Having spent close to $8,000 on making sure my Baby Girl pulled through, the vet has decided that still more tests need to be ran before we can decide the best option to make sure she stays well. I contacted the Brown Dog Foundation to see if they could assist in helping pay for the new bills I was about to incur, since I have pretty much tapped out on funds.

After review of my case they agreed to help. I am so thankful and grateful that an organization like this exists as I had no idea how I was going to be able to pay for these tests and palliative care for Little Bear's cancer! Thank you Brown Dog! My Baby Girl and I thank you from the deepest part of our hearts!


Little Bear's Initial Treatment (the first 6 months) made possible by the generosity of the Cereceres-Bickell Wedding

Little Bear's Final Treatments (the remaining 6 months) made possible by the generosity of the Moseley-Harris Wedding