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Lacy Jo

AR - 2016

I will never forget the day Lacy Jo came into my life. I went to the local animal shelter. In the town that I lived in at that time, it was a kill shelter. Animals that had been there for a certain amount of time, were taken from this life all too soon. I was looking at the various sweet faces and I came across three black puppies in a pen.
I picked one up that caught my eye. As I held her to my chest, she looked at me with trusting eyes and I knew at that moment this was my baby. Unfortunately I was unable to adopt her that day but begged them to hold her for me. One week later when I got my check from work the shelter was the first place I headed to. Hoping she would still be there I was both nervous and excited at the same time.
When I arrived there she was. My sweet little trusting girl. I picked her up and she showered me with wet kissed and whined and wagged her tail as if she had been waiting on my return the whole time. I paid her fees and we headed home but not before we stopped for food, treats, and of course her very own bed and toys.
That was almost ten years ago and still to this day it was the best decision I made. I have watched my girl grow and age. We have had so many years and the one thing she has always given me is her trust and loyalty and most of all her unconditional love. Each day I watch her age and I know that some day I will watch as she crosses the bridge into a new journey that I will not be able to make with her. But until that day I will love her unconditionally and be here for her just as she has for me. I will be her eyes when she can't see. I will be her ears when she can't hear, and when she can no longer walk, I will be her legs. I will give all I can until the day comes I have to say farewell until we meet again at the bridge. 
For more information about Adenocarcinoma and treatment options, visit VCA Animal Hospital.