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Brown Dog Foundation is now enrolled in the Kroger Cares Program!


To participate please mail a $5 check payable to Brown Dog Foundation to the below address. 

Brown Dog Foundation - Corporate Office
825 North Cholla Street, Chandler AZ 85224


Sign Up ONLINE using your Credit Card or PayPal Account

You will be charged $6.00. The gift card you receive will have a $5 credit on it!


If you have a Kroger grocery store (or affiliate store listed below) in your area, they offer a fundraising program called Kroger Cares - here's how it works:

1.  We mail you a gift card, preloaded with $5.
2.  You take the gift card to a participating store's Customer Service Counter and "charge" it with the amount of money you plan to spend on groceries.
3.  You shop.
4.  At the check out - you'll swipe the gift card for payment. 
5.  Kroger sends Brown Dog Foundation 4% of everything you spend!

This program doesn't cost you anything, yet you are able to give back to Brown Dog what we need most - funding to help families in temporary financial crisis save their pet's life.

This program is never-ending...  you keep "charging" the card every time you shop.  The way I do it, is to load my card with $50 each week - if I spend more than that, I just pay the balance.  If I spend less, then I have money leftover to spend later! 

Kroger has many affiliate stores that this works in as well -
Fred Meyer                                                  The Little Clinic                         
Ralph's                                                        Tom Thumb
Food 4 Less                                               QuikStop
King Sooper's                                             KwikShop
Fry's Food                                                    Loaf n Jug
Dillon                                                            I Wireless
Smith's Food & Drug                                 Pay Less Super Markets
Quality Food Centers                                
Jay C Foods
Owen's Market
City Market