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AZ 2018

Andrew met Kaya at Halo Rescue when she was just puppy, about four months old. She had been a stray in Pima county, and was extremely malnourished, quiet, and meek. Andrew immediately fell in love with her sweet spirit and big brown eyes. He adopted her that day, and brought her home.

The change in Kaya was almost immediate as she realized that this was her forever home. Her ears perked up, and her gentle, playful personality shone. The change in Andrew was evident too; Kaya supported him in a way that only a four legged best friend can.

In November 2018, Kaya got sick. A trip to the vet led to emergency surgery to remove a blockage that turned out to be much larger than initially suspected. Her entire small intestine and part of her spleen were removed, and there was doubt as to whether she would survive. Kaya proved that she is tough as nails and made a recovery that amazed everyone involved in her treatment.

The total cost of treatment was much higher than Andrew could afford, and through a friend he found out about Brown Dog. They were able to help pay Kaya's hospital bills, and she has made a complete recovery.


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