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Juliette, AZ

National, 2013

Julie came to us via a puppy-mill.  We already had a golden (that no one wanted, but we did), a rescue potbelly, two rescue cats, another Pug and a Maltese-Pug. Julie was 5 months old and still stuck in the puppy-mill.  She had respiratory problems from being in a small cage and had been constantly sick.  


Julie is full of energy and quite the personality.  About three years ago, Julie had an ulcerated cornea.  She had to have her eye removed and due to an infection (along with our other Pug), lost sight in her remaining eye ALONG with being diagnosed a diabetic.  She has been on insulin, twice a day, for approximately three years.
We kept the dog area in the house and the backyard the same.  Julie is great at adapting to her blindness, and by using her sense of hearing and smell, has already mapped out, (quite successfully) her new surroundings.  Julie's love of life is inspirational.  Thank you to Brown Dog, we were able to get that last testing done to assure Julie was stable.
She deserves a great life and we are happy to be loved by Julie and be her family.