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Jake Daug

TN Fund, 2012

Jake is such a joy! Two years ago, we really weren’t planning to adopt another dog as we were in rescue and had three of our own, but little Jake (a pug/doxie hybrid) caught our eye. He had been in the animal shelter for three months and faced euthanasia. But who could possibly resist that face!  The day after New Year’s Day 2012, Jake developed what looked like a stomach virus with vomiting and explosive diarrhea. By nightfall, the diarrhea was bloody so we rushed him to the emergency vet clinic where they diagnosed an HGE (Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis). They gave him a bolus of fluid and some medication and sent him home.

The next morning he regurgitated everything that we tried to put in his mouth and could not hold down his medication. We took him to our regular vet who gave him more medication and another fluid bolus. Jake had normal labs except for dehydration and no fever. So the vet wasn’t sure what was going on. But if he wasn’t better by the next day, he would need exploratory surgery to see if maybe Jake had an obstruction.

When I went to let Jake out the next morning, he greeted me with a foamy mouth and it was hopeless to try to get his medication in him. Although he was alert, he was still very sick. It was still early so I left a message at the vet that we would be there when the doors opened. I quietly cried with Jake and told him that I loved him very much but if we could not afford his treatments, we’d have to put him down and that I was so very sorry. You, see, I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and IBS and had to quit working a few months ago. So things have been very tight and my car had broken down in the vet’s parking lot to boot!

The vet took one look at Jake and immediately scheduled him for exploratory surgery later that morning. The vet had discounted the price knowing about our difficulties. It would be a hardship but we just couldn’t let Jake die. In the meantime, a rescue friend told me about Brown Dog Foundation. I went to the website and filled out the prequalification form and we prequalified! Later that day the vet called to tell me that Jake was resting comfortably and that his GI tract was totally empty meaning no obstruction! The best he could tell was that Jake had a bad HGE. They would keep him on fluids for the next couple of days and then offer him food. When they did, he was starving! Jake came home later that afternoon and continued to improve from there!

Brown Dog Foundation approved our application and paid 70% of the cost of the surgery. Thanks to Brown Dog Foundation we were able to save Jake’s life. At only 3 years old, he has a lot of living to do! Thank you Brown Dog Foundation for making this possible!

This grant was possible through a donation from The Medina Family Foundation.