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TN 2008

My husband and I received Jack as gift from my mother in July 2004. I was pregnant with our first child and was put on bed rest for much of the pregnancy. Jack came into our lives at the perfect time. He would sleep beside me for hours as I laid on the couch or bed resting. 

During this time, my mother was fighting in a battle against terminal cancer. In September of 2004, my mother lost her battle, and my daughter was born two weeks later. Jack was the glue that held me together during the hardest time of my life. 

Four years later, during a move to a new home, Jack ingested several ibuprofen tablets. He began to exhibit signs of organ failure within a couple of hours. We rushed him to the vet where we got the news that Jack needed extensive treatment in order to survive. We were worried about how we were going to pay our vet bill. It was going to be astronomical and we had just spent all of our savings moving into a new home. 

A friend told me about Brown Dog Foundation. We submitted our paperwork and were approved for assistance. If not for Brown Dog Foundation, we would have had to make a different decision regarding Jack’s treatment. 

Jack stayed in the hospital for 5 days with around the clock medication, IVs and care. It was not until the 4th day that we learned that he had taken a turn for the better and was going to pull through. We were elated! Because of Brown Dog Foundation Jack made a full recovery and is still going strong 10 years later!!! He turned 14 this past July and is an integral part of our family.

To learn more about Ibuprofen Poisoning, visit VetStreet's website.