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KY - 2019

Hello, I wanted to take this time out of my day to let EVERYONE know how much Hercules and I appreciate all of your help. It has helped him tremendously. These last 7 months have been rough for me and especially for Hercules. Day in and day out I sat and watched Hercules go through the most horrible time of his life and it was VERY devastating for me. 

He had surgery after sugery with his primary vet and nothing seemed to be helping him, so he was referred to a specialist, which is when I began to lose hope. I knew taking Hercules to see a specialist was outside my financial means, completely unaffordable. I have searched the internet over and over to find what I could for financial help and had no luck... until I found Brown Dog Foundation. I was hopeless until then. Brown Dog Foundation is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to Hercules and me. The Foundation spent days and hours of their time to do everything possible and to help us in EVERY WAY! Even after surgery, they have checked in on his healing process. I believe God sent Brown Dog Foundation our way for all the right reasons.

Without Brown Dog Foundation, I don't know where me and Hercules would be today.

It is an amazing feeling and warms my heart to see Hercules back to himself again. There are not enough words to explain how grateful we are for the love and support that was shown to us in during Hercules' time of need. I would love for everyone to meet Hercules soon! He is such a gentle giant and so sweet. Thank you for becoming a part of our lives. I am able to have Hercules as a part of my life for longer than expected because of every single one of you... our life savers!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and deep within my soul. God Bless!!!

Stacy & Hercules