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CO - 2019

In 2001 I adopted Harvi at Petco in Yuma, Arizona at the age of 1.   I had lost my golden retriever to cancer and my other dog, Putz needed a companion. (His original name was Chico, but my daughter didn't like it and so she changed it to Harvi.)   Putz and Harvi hit it off right away.  Putz is much older, in fact he will be 18 years old on April 21st, Harvi is very protective of Putz and always comes in between him and another dog.  People however he absolutely loves, if he sees anyone on our walks he goes right up to them.  Harvi is such a cuddle bug, he loves to sit beside me while watching tv and at bedtime sleeps by the pillow next to mine. 

On November 24, 2014 we all moved from Yuma to Denver, CO, it was a very long 2 day drive but dogs did extremely well.  Harvi sat on my lap the whole trip. It was a culture shock for Harvi, he had never seen snow before,  but adjusted well.  They both love to go for walks, we walk at least 3 times a day, and more on the weekends and when the weather permits.  

On a Saturday in January of this year Harvi became sick, throwing up and not eating and drinking a lot of water.  On that Monday morning I took him to the vet and they kept him all day monitoring him.  They called me that afternoon with devastating news that he has diabetes.  I have had dogs since I was a little girl and never encountered anything like this.  Our world has now forever changed.  I have now learned how to give him insulin shots every 12 hours which means they are only allowed to eat twice a day.  That was a shock for them, as they always had food in their bowls at all times. Harvi will now be required to have curve testing done a the vets office (monitoring his insulin levels) every 6 months or more if something changes with him and
blood work done.  My first visit was over $1000, quite a shock to me. 

A co-worker mentioned to me to search for pet bill assistance on the internet.  I came across Brown Dog Foundation, filled out the paperwork and sent many many emails back and forth.  They are going to help pay for his next curve and blood work bill.  For which I am so very grateful!  The people behind Brown Dog Foundation are wonderful and truly try and help those in need.  I will never forget them!!