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TX - 2020 

A little more than 5 years ago, I decided it was time for another fur baby in my life.  I had lost my female Cocker 2 years before getting Gus. My sweet girl Snickers passed on June 13, 2013 when she was only 10 years old.  At that time I did not want anymore fur babies but as you probably know life is just not as fun without them.

I was looking online for a chocolate female and came across Gus' litter and they were only 30 minutes away.  So I called and made an appointment to come look at the litter. The litter owners had both mom and dad of that litter and usually they bred, registered and sold their pups at a higher price than I could afford.  I say my Snicker girl was watching over me and led me to them because that litter was born the same month as Snickers passing. And as faith was on my side, the owners where in the middle of moving and did not have time to do the registering so they were selling them at a leaser price. 

So the 1st of August, my parents, my granddaughter and myself went to look at the litter, I had to have help picking one because the deal was that whichever one I got was going to stay with my parents while I was working, mainly my dad because he loves dogs as much as I do. Mom just tolerates him because of us, but I secretly think she loves him too. 

We got to the house and my granddaughter and myself went in the house and each picked a puppy, I picked one that had blue eyes and multi-colored, brown, chocolate and caramel, and my granddaughter picked the solid chocolate.  We took them outside to meet my dad and the one I picked wet on my dad as I handed him to him and dad just looked at me and gave him back. My granddaughter handed my dad the solid chocolate one and he nestled into my dad's beard and my dad said, "this is the one we need."  So he came home with us that day, August 2015. 

Then came the task of naming him.  I wanted Hersey but we had friends with a chocolate dog already named that so we decided Dutch, for Dutch chocolate. After a month or so I told my dad I really didn't think that name fits him so we both gave it some thought. Soon after we were watching the movie Lonesome Dove and Robert Duvall's character was named Augustus "Gus" McCrae. That's all it took for Dutch to become Gus... named after one of my favorite movies and actor. 

Even though Gus is not registered, I still gave him a full name of Gus Dexter Brown which happens to also be my initials GDB.  Gus is with my parents during the day or until I get home to pick him up and my dad says it is perfect because he gets to love on him and I get to pay for him 😁.  In my book it is a win-win, Gus is not at home by himself during the day and I am not paying for doggie daycare, which no way could I afford. And he gives my retired parents in their late 70's some fur love.  He goes everywhere else with me except work and grocery store.  I even plan vacations around dog friendly places.

Recently, tumors began to grow on Gus' eyelid and on his toe. Unfortunately, my pay has been cut due to COVID-19 and the cost to provide surgery for Gus was outside my reach to pay in one lump sum. Brown Dog Foundation offered me a way to get Gus' surgery, and pay for it over time using their VetBilling Repayment Plan Program. It's the perfect way to get my dog the care he needs and be able to pay for it in a manner that better fits my budget. 

Thank you so very much,

G & Gus