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National, TN - 2013

I want to thank Brown Dog Organization for the support they've given me and my beloved, special needs dog, Faith, who was in need of a leg amputation due to tumors.  I rescued Faith about 10 years ago from a ditch where she'd been shot and left to die.  She is and has always been a trouper, as well as one of the sweetest, gentlest creatures anyone could meet.  

I have four pets, all rescues, and have always been able to provide the utmost of care for them; several, including Faith, have needed very specialized care at times over the years due to various treatable medical conditions.  I have taken pride in being able to afford their care, but due to a recent & significant financial set back, money has been extremely tight & budgeted.  I am a long time teacher in our public school system.  I work with disadvantaged children & their parents and know all too well from them of the difficulties to provide for necessities at times.  I recently found myself in that situation when we discovered tumors on Faith's front leg; the solution to be amputation.  

Through references, as well as my own research, I discovered Brown Dog.  I applied for grant funding to help with some of the anticipated expenses and they were willing & able to assist!  Unexpected events and expenses can hit at anytime; Faith and I are so blessed that we were able to be granted assistance in our time of need.  My heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to Brown Dog!  As well as my appreciation for the help they can provide to those in need...especially our four legged (or three) companions ;)


 Faith's treatment was made possible through the generosity and kindness of the attendees at the Moseley-Harris Engagement/Wedding Party!