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IA - 2015

Dyna is doing really well since Brown Dog Foundation was able to help us. I'm so very happy to have her home. I appreciate everything you have done for us. 

I have had Dyna since 2005. She was from a litter from my daughter's dog, Lady. And Lady and my oldest dog, Harlee are from the same litter. My daughter gave me Dyna as a birthday present. I named her after my motorcycle. I used to ride a Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide. And with the addition of  Bella in 2008, my family is now complete. Its just myself and 3 little min pins.

I was downsized from my job with the local phone company a few years ago.  I'd been there most of my career and was devastated.  I took my hobby of quilting and turned it into a business.  I did fairly well for several years, but it's been tough to make enough to keep the household going for the past year.  Dyna went blind a few months ago, and she knows our house so well, I didn't worry too much thinking it was just old age. Then, she began losing weight, drinking more water and having accidents in the house.  I knew there was something more going on.

I found Brown Dog Foundation online and submitted a request.  Dyna was approved quickly and our Vet Clinic was willing to provide a small discount so she could be treated in-hospital for dehydration and ketoacidosis.  We've started her on Insulin and it's made an amazing difference.  

The really cool thing about this whole experience?  I had been searching for a job for months to no avail.  It seemed like once I found out Brown Dog could help with Dyna, I relaxed and I nailed the next interview!  I started my new job just a few weeks after Dyna's treatment.  Now Dyna and my household are both on the mend.  

Thanks again for saving my Dyna!